The Shamrock Club is a special group of students who are interested in going above and beyond what is taught in the classroom.
  Pick a question you would like to find out the answer to.

Research the answer.

Find the answers and write them down neatly.  Don't forget your name and to write the question at the top of the page.

Study your answers!

Turn your paper into Miss McCarville.

You should be able to read and explain your answers. 

For each question that is answered and explained correctly you will receive a sticker.  After 15 stickers you will be added to The Shamrock Hall of Fame!!!
Social Studies
1.  Name 15 Wisconsin cities.
2.  Name 10 famous Wisconsinites.
3.  Name the 7 continents and 5 oceans.
4.  Name 15 major cities in the United States.
5.  Name the states that border the Pacific Ocean.
6.  Name the states that border the Atlantic Ocean.
7.  Name the states that border Wisconsin.
8.  Name 10 rivers in the USA.
9.  Name the 50 states and their capitals.
10.  Name 10 countries in Europe.
11.  Name 10 countries in Asia.
12.  Name 10 countries in Africa.
13.  Name the 1st - 15th US Presidents in order.
15.  Label the 50 states on a map.
16.  Label the Great Lakes.
17.  Write 7 facts about China.
18.  Write 7 facts about Egypt.
19.  Write 5 sentences about what makes a good citizen.
20.  Write 5 sentences about George Washington.
21.  Write 5 sentences about Abraham Lincoln.
22.  Write 5 sentences about Helen Keller.
23.  Write 5 sentences about Jackie Robinson.
24.  Write 5 sentences about Susan B. Anthony.
25.  Write 5 sentences about Martin Luther King Jr.
26.  What is Wisconsin's state bird, flower, tree, song, and capital?

27.  Write the Roman numbers up to 100.
28.  Write 50 addition problems with the answers.
29.  Write 50 subtraction problems with the answers.
30.  Write 5 word problems with the answers.
31.  Write 10 fact families.
32.  Write the multiplication facts for 2's, 5's, and 10's.
33.  Write the amounts of money using coins for:  $.79, $1.85, $1.99, and $2.75.
34.  Draw 10 different shapes and label them.
35.  Make a ABBCDD pattern and a ABBCCC.
36.  Write the months of the year in order.
37.  How many cups, pints, and quarts are in a gallon.

Language Arts

38.  Name 10 common and proper nouns.
39.  Name 15 adjectives.
40.  Name 15 verbs.
41.  Name 10 famous authors.
42.  Write 10 contractions.
43.  Write 10 synonyms and antonyms.
44.  Write 10 compound words.
45.  Write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) about your favorite animal.
46.  Write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) about your favorite trip.


47.  Name 15 kinds of fish.
48.  Name 15 marine creatures.
49.  Name 15 types of birds.
50.  Name 10 reptiles.
51.  Name 10 dinosaurs.
52.  Write facts about magnets.
53.  Name 10 organs of the human body.
54.  Name the colors of the rainbow.
55.  Name 15 mammals.
56.  Name the planets in our solar system in order.
57.  Draw a picture and label the stages of the water cycle.
58.  Name 4 types of clouds.
59.  List 10 omnivores.
60.  List 10 herbivores.
61.  List 10 carnivores.
62.  Watch the moon for a week and draw what it looks like each night.
63.  Write down the high and low temperature every day for a week.
64.  Write 5 solids, liquids, and gases.
65.  Draw and label the life cycle of a frog.
66.  Draw and label the life cycle of a butterfly.
67.  Draw a Tree in all seasons.
68.  Write 15 things that come from plants.


69.  Name 15 saints.
70.  Name the Glorious Mysteries.
71.  Name the Sorrowful Mysteries.
72.  Name the Joyful Mysteries.
73.  Name the Luminous Mysteries.
74.  Name 5 prayers.
75.  Write the 10 Commandments.
76.  Name 5 Parable stories.


77.  Name the birthstones for each month.
78.  List all of your classmates first and last names.
79.  Name 10 breeds of cats.
80.  Name 10 breeds of dogs.
81.  Name 10 instruments in a marching band.
82.  Name 10 football teams and their cities.
83.  Name 10 basketball teams and their cities.
84.  Name 10 baseball teams and their cities.
85.  Name 10 inventors and their inventions.
86.  Name 10 universities or colleges and where they are located.
87.  Name a career for each letter of the alphabet.
88.  Name the 7 Wonders of the World and where they are located.

A huge thanks to Mrs. Renz for allowing me to adapt her Mastery Club!  www.mrsrenz.net